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Dostarczamy klientom najwyższej jakości i innowacyjnych produktów związanych z marihuaną.

Green Harvest Farm


Green Harvest Farm

at Asia International Hemp Expo 2023

We are delighted to announce that Green Harvest Farm will be participating in the prestigious Asia International Hemp Expo and Forum 2023, scheduled to take place in Bangkok from November 22nd to November 25th, 2023.

Thailand, as the first country in Asia to legalize hemp cultivation, has become a hub for innovation and development in the hemp industry. The Asia International Hemp Expo provides a unique platform for Green Harvest Farm to showcase its achievements and explore the latest technologies and trends in this rapidly evolving industry.

Our Presence at the Expo
Green Harvest Farm, a leader in cannabis cultivation, will participate in the event as one of the exhibitors. Our company, known for its commitment to producing high-quality hemp products, will showcase the latest advancements in hemp cultivation, extraction, and processing.


What We Will Showcase?
At our booth, visitors can explore innovative solutions in:

Hemp Cultivation: We will present the latest hemp cultivation technologies, including our indoor methods, hydroponics growing technology, and innovations in seed genetics.     


Franchise Opportunities: Discover the unique advantages of joining the Green Harvest Farm family through our franchise opportunities, allowing entrepreneurs to be part of our success story.         
Processing Technology: Our company will share the latest achievements in hemp processing, covering research and science, formulations, manufacturing processes, GMP facilities, and White Label services.

Related Services: We offer comprehensive services in marketing, promotion, packaging, labeling, as well as legal, banking, and insurance consultations related to the hemp industry.


Meet Us at the Expo!
We invite all participants of the Asia International Hemp Expo to visit our booth. We will be ready to provide detailed information about our products, technologies, and services. This is an excellent opportunity to network, exchange experiences, and deepen knowledge about the hemp industry.

We are excited to be part of this innovative event and to share our experience with the entire hemp industry community. See you at the Asia International Hemp Expo and Forum 2023!

Green Harvest Farm Co Limited

Email: kontakt@greenharvestfarm.pl

Dostarczamy klientom najwyższej jakości i innowacyjnych produktów związanych z marihuaną.
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